George Clinton brings the Mothership to Cityfest

Comerica’s Cityfest will become a funk-fest when George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic hits the MotorCity Casino Hotel Stage presented by The Detroit News at 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The inventor of P-Funk is easily one of the most influential forces in music. Clinton continues to be creative, making music that is one of a kind. While he was in Los Angeles working in the studio, Clinton took some time out to chat with The Detroit News.

Q. You have influenced so many in the music world from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Outkast. What inspires you?

A. Any time someone says, “That ain’t real music,” like hip-hop or whatever, that’s the stuff I gravitate to. No matter how crazy the music sounds, that’s the thing I rush to right quick.

Q. What are you currently working on?

A. My new album “Radio Friendly,” on Shanachie Records, includes people like Sly Stone, Carlos Santana, Rza (Wu-Tang), the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shavo (Odadjian) of the System of a Down, El DeBarge and gospel singer Kim Burrell. We call ourselves the Gangsters of Love. I am also trying to do some stuff in Detroit with Mark Bass of the Bass Brothers (Detroit music producers who not only worked with Clinton, but with Eminem). I want to do something where the album’s proceeds can go to teachers.

Q. What is your opinion of hip-hop?

A. Hip-hop is honorable. It has done so much that has been racially beneficial than anything else around. It does now what Motown did.

Q. You have some many ties to Motown (he was a songwriter/producer). Are you going to attend any of the Motown 50 celebrations?

A. I’ll do something even if I have to crash the party. I’ll call Smokey (Robinson), get something together that we can do. Smokey, he was my idol.

Q. How are you feeling nowadays?

A. I have a birthday coming up on July 22. I’ll be 68, but I feel 17. I feel good.

Q. Where are you living now?

A. I am on the spaceship. I look forward to moving back to Michigan. With all the new casinos with places to perform, those casinos need some funk.



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